Pexmas was born in 2012 out of two friends' desire to put on a little festive market in Peckham. We knew a lot of local people who made or did nice stuff, had met folks with a beautiful warehouse space... and it all just came together beautifully. Loads of people came to shop and after it was over they asked for more. So we formed into a proper company with a team of 4 and set to! We've created our own events and festivals, and worked with partners to produce theirs, providing markets all over South East London. We've delivered all sorts of engagement programmes with community celebration at their core; focussing on engaging with and promoting small local businesses, training and mentoring young people, and transforming the physical environment. Oh and food - we love all things to do with food!

These days we are run by one of our original founders, Sarah, and a wider team of freelancers, consultants and crew who deliver a wonderful variety of projects. We still work a lot in Peckham and the surrounding neighbourhoods of South East London, but also offer our services all over the country as consultants and as events producers. We are an organic organisation, taking on stuff we like, things that 'fit' in our portfolio, and projects that we reckon we can sensibly contribute to but will teach us something. 

Find out what drives us by having a read of our mission. And watch this space and our socials for more about what the future may bring.